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Human who feels

KOTAK IMAJI is a group of people who commit to take breathtaking photos or else they're willing to jump from a steep cliff.

Our mission is to frame the untold. It means we will certainly capture and preserve your memories, which surely words can't describe, into a print or digital media.

We love traveling as we love design as we love photography.

A photo speaks a thousand words, words that construct your feelings, your emotions, your stories, and when you look at it, you smile and indulge yourself in memories.

We heart bright lights, bold colors, creative angle, graphic composition, happy moments, and stylish people.

You all have memories, you all have stories and it’s lucky for us to have an opportunity (and equipments :)) to present your imagination and ideas.

We call ourselves: The TeamCapsule. And yes, we are Indonesians.

Meet the people who

make this happened

Aditya Arnoldi


Aditya is an observer. In his heart he always carry a big passion in art & visual aesthetics through his love for photography, design and traveling. Graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in Industrial Engineering, he taught himself about photography through his intimate and personal journey. He spend two years of his life becoming an avid traveler and voyaging around 5 continents, 33 countries and over 100 cities around the world in search for cultural connection as a photographer for cruise ships in 2007. Now back in Indonesia, he continue his photography journey and ready to capture moments.

Imam Nirwansyah


Imam is an explorer. At the beginning of his career, he worked in the field of Information Technology and then in various fields of business or industry. Throughout his business career, he always partnered with local and multinational companies. In 2010, he fell in love with photography then explore the technique of photography in Darwis Triadi School of Photography and now he is still a student at New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), New York, USA. Still belief that the photography industry is still growing in Indonesia, now he continue his career as a photographer.


Astri Primasari

Graphic Designer

Alfian Wicaksono


Siti Wulandari

Social Media Officer

Arief Karya


Adi Saputra


Yudistira Aji Wicaksono


Nabella Salahudin

Social Media Officer

Taufiq Darmawan

Account Executive

Atina Soraya

Account Executive

Muhammad Adnan

Account Executive